The Science of Sensory Integration

Sensory integration includes any activity that stimulates your young child’s senses: touch, smell, taste, movement, balance, sight and hearing. Why invest in Sensory Play for your child? The experience of sensory activity promotes learning and exploration. It is scientifically proven to effect these parts of the human brain and nervous system:

1) Vestibular System: AKA “The Human Balance System”- signals to the brain about motion, equilibrium and spatial orientation. If both sides of the vestibular system are functioning properly, they send symmetrical impulses to the brain for a proper reaction.

2) Proprioceptive: Information from the muscles, joints, and skin involves sensory receptors that are sensitive to stretch and pressure.

3) Vision: The rods and cones in the eyes alert the brain of what we see.

All THREE of these components work together-if one is off, it can throw the other areas for a loop. We see this in children with sensory issues, autism, & ADHD. We also see an imbalance in the natural development of infants and toddlers as they learn and grow more self-aware. With repetition, it becomes easier for these impulses to travel along that nerve pathway and that’s when we see automatic movements/reactions take flight.

Spirited Sprout believes that the advantages of Sensory Play cannot be understated. The use of sensory play enhances cognitive development, social skills, and fine motor skills. It may look like regular ol’ playing to you, but below the surface the brain and spinal cord are ‘singing praises’ by creating nerve connections that will be beneficial for a lifetime. Because Spirited Sprout will be such an advocate for this type of play, it is important to understand that each piece of equipment, including its height, texture, function, and color, was selected with a purpose.

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