Our Soul Purpose: To Create a Nourishing and Inclusive Sensory Play Environment

The name Spirited Sprout is simply describing what parents already know—like a seed grows to be a sprout in the right soil, so do our spirited children when planted in the right environment! We have chosen eye pleasing equipment that includes, soft play, indoor playsets, therapy-grade swings/slides and much more. Along our walls, you will find touches of STEM, Montessori, and Waldorf. We maximize our space (and wheelchair accessibility) by going vertical with many of our sensory toys! Our purpose is to not only ignite the soul within your child, but to create a community for parents/caregivers as well. We hope to become a big part of your play-time fun, by offering a unique activity center that is open all year long! Oh–and a coffee on the house!

A Message from Founder

My name is Ashley Redden. I am a wife, mother of two toddlers, a nurse, and the founder of Spirited Sprout, LLC. I have been a Waxhaw resident for approximately five years. I am a firm believer that my major contribution to Gods kingdom, is the children I raise & the community I serve. It was placed on my heart to open a sensory based activity center, creating a space aimed at inclusive sensory-based play where ALL little sprouts can learn and grow together. 

As a nurse I studied brain development and human biology. After sustaining a work-related injury and undergoing over a years worth of vestibular, speech, and occupational therapy, I witnessed firsthand the results of therapeutic sensory integration exercises. My experience inspired me to create a play space where parents can bring their children to experience the benefits of this type of play and the social support that comes along with it.  

Sensory play is for everyone! Observing my own toddlers, I see the way they crave human connection, physical activity, and sensorial stimulation. These are the ingredients we all need to grow a healthy body and brain. In many play places, this essential need is often over looked.

Behind every good business, is a human being with a passion. After sharing my idea with others, I was in awe of the influencers who stepped forward to breath life into me and push me to pursue a new venture. My aim is to humbly serve, educate/be educated, and advocate– so feel free to reach out, say hello & offer suggestions. At Spirited Sprout, we have a solid purpose-to create a place for EVERY child to engage in sensory play. We are growing, too! We are looking for volunteers, interns, potential staff, therapists, and families to join and play here. Please support my very personal mission of creating a space in our community for nurturing inclusivity, so we can watch the spirited sprouts we raise, really SPROUT!

Thank you,

Spirited Sprout crew

You can help children experience the benefits of Spirited Sprout’s inclusive sensory play!

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